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Bold and Beautiful Clothes For Plus Size Women

Ingenious fashion designers are once again showing proof of their versatile skills through a wide range stylish clothes for plus size women. From colo...
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Dresses For Weddings: The Perfect Dress For Your Day

It is every bride's dream to get it right as far as her wedding outfit is concerned. Matter of fact, we all dream and fantasize of a perfect picturesq...
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The Top 10 Styles For Short Party Dresses

A short party dress can be defined as a fashionable piece of clothing that is tailored to make a girl look chic, stylish, trendy and hot. These dresse...
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Today's Top Braided Hair Styles

What is it about braided hairstyles that make them so unique and popular? Braided hair styles have been worn by everyone from your elementary clas...
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Top 13 Women Hair Styles For Long Faces

There are billions of women on the planet, and nearly as many types of hairstyles, but only a handful of different face shapes, giving each and everyo...
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The Best Hair Styles For Kids On The Go

It is common knowledge that a good hair day is a good day in general. This applies to not only adults, but kids as well. So why not make every day a g...
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Acrylic Nail Art And Maintenance

Acrylic nails are not only feminine, but also very fashionable. Acrylic nail art has dominated the beauty industry for years and is still causing a s...
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Easter Nail Art And Designs

Considered nowadays as more of a fashion exercise and something that enhances creativity and expression of one's own artistic skills, the nail designs...
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Beautiful Glitter Nail Polish Looks

Glitter Nail Polish is a fun bold trend that is popular among kids and even mature adults. It can be fun to watch the colors sparkle and shimmer a...
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