When To Use Glitter Eye Makeup

4Makeup can be the tool used in achieving a mesmerizing look, and, versatile as it is, all you need is your imagination and a set of basic skills in order to transform yourself, to look good and to feel amazing. A very important part of the makeup is the look of the eyes, it can transform your whole face and enhance your overall beauty. Of course, for a daily look we can always use soft eye shadows, neutral colors that don’t really stand out, but what do we do when it comes to a night time makeup, a special event? Glitter eye makeup can be the look you are going for because it is bold and beautiful, dramatic yet sophisticated. Most of the ladies out there are usually afraid to try to incorporate glitter into their eye looks, but it is better to sometimes try something new, something edgier that can make us look fabulous in a special moment of our lives.

Statement Look

As I mentioned before, glitter is not something that we can approach for an everyday makeup look, it can look too over the top, but it is one of the best solutions to make a statement in special occasions, special events, parties, everything and everywhere you need that something extra for your appearance. There are, of course, different types and different formulas of glitter, most of them can be found in eye shadow palletes and are not too pigmented. If we are looking for a highly pigmented glitter that is made for a long-lasting performance, we might need to look for glitter dust, pressed glitter, glitter liners, glitter gels or even glitter injections.


Those are the main formulas of glitter that you can find and you should look for the one that feels comfortable to wear and suits the look you are going for. Using glitter as an eye shadow or over the eye shadow makes a huge difference for your eyes and your features no matter your skin tone and your complexion, anyone can use it and create a bold and dramatic appearance. It is important, though, to find a balance between the color of the glitter you are using and your eye color and your outfit, the end result should be a sophisticated one.

Basic Steps

With glitter everything is possible, you can play with it, be creative, you can use you inner inspiration to make something unique yet suitable and chic. But in order to do that, you should know that there are a few steps to follow for a correct application and for best results. First of all, before the actual eye shadow and glitter, it is advisable to use a primer on your entire eyelid, something that matches the natural color of your skin. This will make the products you use more long-lasting, it will make the eye shadows blend more easily and it will also create a beautiful base. After this step, you can start using the colors of eye shadow you want and you can firstly apply a more soft color.

What’s Trending


One of the most trendy and famous glitter eye makeup looks is the one using the cut crease technique. This stands for the application of a darker shade in the crease of you eye, putting the star of the makeup- the actual color and the glitter- in the center of the eyelid. If you don’t know what glitter color you should choose, gold or silver are always on trend and either of them goes with most of the evening looks out there. The bolder and more dramatic you want to look, the darker the shade used in the crease should be.

But be aware that you should build up the intensity of the color, using firstly softer shades of brown and going all the day to black, if you want. Of course, you can play with the colors you use in the crease, but make sure you build them naturally and blend them properly. After creating the cut crease effect you can go on to the actual application of the glitter.

You must know that there are some techniques that make the color pop even more- you can do that by applying firstly a glitter primer or, even better, using a glitter liner as a glue for the actual pigmented glitter you chose (as mentioned before). It is better to apply the glitter in sections because there can be a massive amount of fallout and it can be hard to work in this way. Also, another trick is to put another layer of glitter liner on top of the colored glitter just to seal everything in place.You will see that, by applying your eye makeup in this way, everything will look stunning and it will stay in place for a whole night.

Bold Pairings

Glitter makeup and more precisely the cut crease using glitter can be paired with a bold eyeliner. A bold black eyeliner wing always compliments the look of the glitter, but if you want an even edgier look or a high fashion one, you can change the color of the eyeliner and use something that you feel works for the entire makeup. Almost always, in the case of glitter, it is advisable to use a pair of false eyelashes, because it gives even a more dramatic and sophisticated finish, by elongating the eye and creating a cat eye effect- which is sexy and makes the whole makeup come together.

If you are using an eye shadow glitter you can only go for mascara, but if you create a dramatic cut crease and you don’t apply false eyelashes, you may feel that something is missing and that the look seems unfinished. Don’t forget to always put some color on to your lower lash line to make the look complete and to make your eyes look bigger.When doing such a makeup, you can notice that after your eye look is done, there is some fallout on your face that needs to be cleaned. Because of that, you should leave the application of the foundation after the eyes are done, to avoid messing it up.


Doing your makeup can be tricky sometimes, but with some skills and knowledge everything can look spectacular. Makeup should always be fun and it should make you feel good in your own skin, making every appearance you have a unique one. This is why, when in need for a fun and chic idea for a special night, you can always use glitter to make your eye look stand out. Don’t be afraid to look bold, when using the right techniques, glitter can clearly make a statement and can make your makeup memorable.