Green Eye Makeup

51When it comes to eye color, green eyes are incredibly rare, with only 2% of the world’s population having the genetic components to create this stunning hue. While gorgeous green eyes stand out naturally on their own, there are many colors, styles and techniques of eye shadow application that can enhance their natural beauty, and make them really create a statement!


Color Compliments

Green eyes are naturally bright, so when choosing a color it is important to opt for a shade that is going to compliment and define them, rather than clash with them.


We all know the old saying “blue and green should never be seen”. This definitely rings true when it comes to green eye makeup. As a general rule, blue eye shadow tones don’t usually do any justice to the intensity and clarity of green eyes, so it is best to avoid any shades of blue – although there is an exception to this rule. Blue/green shades such as teal, add a beautiful contrast to green eyes and are a great choice for highlighting.


Pink or purple colors that may have a blue undertone should also be avoided, however certain shades of purple, such as plum and darker purple tones, give an unexpected and amazing contrast which really makes green eyes stand out.


Silver is another color that doesn’t always work for green eye makeup, as it tends to wash away the color and dull the overall look of the eyes. Pastels also have this effect on green eyes and should be avoided at all costs.


Applying a small amount of white eye shadow to the inner corners of the eyes really opens them up and makes them appear larger. White applied along the brown bone also opens up the eye area for an attention grabbing result.


Pale to medium eye shadow colors tend to work best for green eyed beauties, with tans, browns and taupes really accentuating the green irises. Coppers and gold’s also look amazing, and are a great choice for a glamorous night time look. They are very versatile as they work in any season and can be worn all year round. Add a copper cooled lip gloss and even a bronzer to define your cheek bones and really complete the look!


Green shades of eye shadow look fabulous, but it’s important to choose a shade that is different than the color of your eyes. Lighter, darker or even intense greens are perfect, just as long as they aren’t similar to the type of green in your eyes.


Accent Your Look

To really accentuate green eyes it is best to avoid yellow tones such as mustards and lemons. Any yellow cooled eye shadow will bring out the yellow flecks in the eyes and completely deflect from the green.


When it comes to perfect choices for green eye makeup, there are some other factors to consider – such as skin and hair color.


Lighter skin and hair look fabulous with tans, peaches and grays. Medium skin tones and red/auburn cooled hair work well with neutral browns, burnt copper shades and medium purples. Women with darker skin and darker hair look amazing with neutral to medium browns, mauves and grays.


It’s not just choosing the right cooled eye shadow that is important, the way you apply the eye shadow makes all the difference in the look and style you are trying to achieve.


For a pretty and natural look, it is best to avoid being heavy handed with the color and the amount of eye shadow that you use. The trick is to use light to medium colors, combined with soft blending techniques to create a subtle delicate effect.

Most Common

There are 3 common shades of green eyes, and each type has different makeup techniques and colors that work amazingly well with that specific shade.


True green eyes can be made to stand out with rich red tones and a subtle eye shadow application. Golden green eyes are gorgeous with lighter purples and a Smokey eye finish. Hazel green eyes benefit from neutral or lighter green shades and a more subtle, natural application.


If you have deep-set or hooded eyes, apply a darker brown eye shadow along the crease line and then blend with a tan or skin cooled eye-shadow. Finish with a lighter colour along the brown bone to make the eyes appear more open and less droopy.


Mixing up the types of eye shadow you use, gives you endless possibilities of color and style combinations. Whether it be glitter, shimmer or matte eye shadow, you are bound to find a look to suit whatever style you are going for.

Eye shadow has done it to many people as they come out perfectly appealing to the fellow friends.


Warm and earthy glitter or shimmer eye shadows pair perfectly with green eyes, as the metallic colors really draw attention to the different cooled flecks in your eyes. While matte colours are a fantastic go-to option for everyday wear, work, or when a more understated look is needed. Try adding a subtle line of eye shadow along your lower lashes to add more depth and definition.


Eyeliner and mascara is a must have to finish off your green eye makeup, and color choice is essential. Try to avoid darker colors such as black as they can appear harsh and make the eyes look smaller and closed in. Instead choose a brown, charcoal or even a grey which will have the same smoldering effect. If you’re really feeling daring, glam it up with a purple eyeliner or mascara to really make your green peepers pop!


Although there are general rules and suggestions for applying makeup to green eyes, it all comes down to your own personal taste and preference.


Mix it up a bit and be bold! Experiment with a range of different eye shadows, colors, techniques and styles, to create your own exciting new looks for every occasion. With options including Smokey eyes, cat eyes, winged eyeliner, sultry and natural looks – there is no limit to your creativity.


Not everyone is genetically blessed with gorgeous green eyes so don’t hold back. Show them off, to the word how you look gorgeous and a unique creature in the world