How To Apply Eye Shadow The Proper Way

55Eye shadow can be an important staple in a woman’s look and can also attract attention to the eyes. However what eye color you have can often decide what colors you can pull off. There’s also some things you need to know to be able to make your eyes their prettiest yet.


First of all, there are some colors that will flatter your eyes and some that will look….somewhat iffy. That’s not to say you can’t wear yellow and green, just save those for when you’re going to a party or rave. You should choose colors that will enhance your irises. For example if you have brown eyes, then you can pull off almost anything. Brown is such a neutral color and any color will do. Think of blues, plums, golden hues, and magentas. Pair these with some eyeliner and you’re guaranteed to make your eyes pop. If you have blue eyes and want a natural look then tans, taupes, and champagnes are perfect. Also most brown shades will work for you. For those of you with green eyes, lilacs, wines, and plum colored eyeshadow can greatly enhance your look.shutterstock_429729697

When you apply eye shadow you can put on one color, or you can apply a full look with all the steps included. If you want to do a certain look then you should know the different parts of your eye. The brow bone which is the hard part directly underneath your eyebrow is usually the place where you put your highlight. The crease, which is the crevice above the lid where you open your eyes is usually reserved for dark colors and for adding definition to your eyelids. There’s your outer V, which is the outer corner of the top of your eyelid where the blending happens, the lid, where you apply your base color, your upper lashline, and your lower lashline. This is where you put your eyeliner. Also your mascara is important for creating beautiful lashes.

Fist Thing

Before you apply anything, it’s very important to have a clean face and clean skin. This way you have a blank canvas to begin on. If you try to apply eye shadow to skin that hasn’t been properly cleaned or you still have makeup that was left on the night before, then your look could end up looking muggy. Plus, not properly washing your makeup off eventually can cause premature wrinkles and crow’s feet and you do not want those! Also having a primer is a must if you want your eye shadow to last all day. Primer is like double-sided tape that helps keep your makeup on your face. It can make a smooth surface to apply your makeup.

After you’ve applied your primer, take your eye shadow brush and apply your base color, or neutral color across your lid. Then run your brush over your darker shade and apply it in your crease area and outer V. This will make definition. Take your lightest color and brush it over your brow bone. This will be your highlight. Afterwards, take your blending brush and blend the places where your outer V and lid meet, and blend a little where your highlight meets your lid. Blending helps pull your look together and bridges the gap between all of your colors.

Make It Pop

Eyeliner is a good way to add definition to your eyes and bring out your eye color. The contrast between your eye color and the dark shade of your liner creates a brilliant combination of beauty. The most standard color of liner is black, with brown being a close second. Black eyeliner can give the illusion of having thicker lashes and frames your eyes gorgeously. Just apply it to your upper lash line close to your lashes. Be careful not to pull for this can stretch out your skin.

If you want a more natural look, keep the liner on the top only. If you’re wanting an evening look, or a more sultry look, apply your liner at the bottom of your waterline. There is an exception to this though. Draw your line halfway across the bottom using your pupil as a distance measurer. This way you can look more defined and still not too overdone. Finish off with mascara. Position your mascara wand at the base of your lashes and as you pull up and out wiggle it through them. This will reduce clumping and separate and define each lash.

Finishing Touches

Fake eyelashes are an optional accessory to add depending on what look you want and what’s going on in your life. It takes practice putting them on by yourself however. So, if you’re a novice at putting on fake eyelashes then it would be best to go to a beauty salon or shop and pay to have them put on for you. Prices run from about $15 to $30. Take some time to see what kind you desire. There are natural lashes, which are the most used and popular lashes to use because they blend in perfectly with your own, and give you a natural look.

These are ideal for everyday, work, and casual events. If you want to glam it up, try full volume lashes. They’re perfect for prom, parties, weddings, and other formal events. They have thicker strips and make your eyes more dramatic. Long and short lashes have long and short lashes placed alternatively on their strip. They can come in a zigzag design and have bold tips. Lastly, individual lashes are another good option. These have to be placed individually which can be time consuming, however they give you a more natural look than strip lashes. Another good thing about them is that you can customize them to bring attention to any part of your eye. Just apply the lashes where needed.

When your busy day comes to an end, or you’ve just come in from having a good time and partying, it can be tempting to just crash yourself into the nearest bed. However your skin will eventually pay the price by developing wrinkles, crow’s feet, and dark circles, and clogged pores, as stated earlier. This is why it is vital to wash and cleanse your face every night. To make it easier invest in a good eye makeup remover, it can take eye shadow off with a few swipes of a cotton ball. If you don’t want to splurge, coconut oil can be a good substitute. Makeup remover wipes are another alternative. They can remove most, if not all everything on your face and make it easier to cleanse it. If you can’t bring yourself to wash your face a wipe will do. Nevertheless if you can, TRY and motivate yourself to thoroughly cleanse your face with a cleanser and water. Your skin will thank you for it.

Eyeshadow can greatly bring attention to your eyes and accentuate your look. Using these tips will help you become a pro in using eye shadow in no time. Just remember, makeup is for enhancing what you already have so try to take good care of what you already have.