Prom Makeup Ideas Every Girl Should Try

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When it comes to prom night, you want your appearance to be as unforgettable as your evening. For most girls, deciding on the perfect prom dress can take weeks, but that look can be ruined by your make up. Choosing the right makeup for the prom night is as important as choosing your prom dress. Good makeup combined with a lovely dress and shoes can turn your prom night from ordinary to extraordinary. Look radiant and enchanting with these prom makeup ideas.

Keep it Simple

As much as we are emphasizing the importance of makeup during your prom night, do not overdo it. Remember that the most beautiful girl at the prom will not be the one who will be wearing a lot of makeup. Your makeup should complement your natural beauty. You do not want people complementing you for how beautiful your makeup is, but for how beautiful you look.
One of the best ways to look naturally beautiful is applying a lightweight liquid foundation or even mineral makeup that perfectly matches your skin. It is important to apply a foundation lightly as well as evenly on your entire face while blending in at the jawline and the hairline. In case there is a noticeable line between the beginning of your neck and your makeup’s end, then the foundation is not right for you. Remember having the right foundation will set a beautiful base for your make up.

Smokey Eye Look

The prom makeup idea is taking the smokey eye look to an entirely new level. However, you should consider applying colors that will compliment the dress that you will be wearing. Creating a smokey eye look is possible, no matter your dress’ color. For example, if your outfits will be purple themed, then putting a light lavender shade starting from the lash line up to the eyebrows should give you that beautiful look.

Build a Glowing Complexion

Regardless of whether you are concentrating on your lips or eyes, you can create a glowing complexion. If your skin is dark or medium toned, you can use a bronzer that is at least two times darker than your skin color. Brush your cheeks, nasal bridge and forehead lightly. On the other hand, if you are light skinned, you can add the super glow with a highlighter that is one shade darker than your natural skin color. You should brush around your eyes, cheeks, and even lips. Remember, the role of a highlighter and a bronzer is to give your skin that natural, glowing skin. As with every other makeup, do n’t forget to start small and then apply more if you still need to.

Fantasy Makeup

For an elegant look, you should use a shimmer powder in gold, bronze, or silver or just any other flattering color that captivates you. Shimmery eye shadows can also work well if applied in the right way. Applying a sparkling lip gloss over your lipstick will make your look more elegant. To emphasize your look, you should apply a lipstick that flatters you. After applying it, go over it with a shimmery gloss. As far as the eyes go, applying a metallic eyeshadow over your entire eyelid will surely give you a magical look. Alternatively, you can apply a neutral shade such as lilac or peach. However, you should highlight the inner corners of the eyes by applying a lining with either a silver or gold eye pencil.

Prom Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

As far as prom makeup ideas are concerned, there are some do’s and don’ts that should be considered to make you the most beautiful girl at the prom night.


Pick a Classic Hair Style

As appealing as your makeup might be, if your hair does not complement it, then it will go to waste. For the prom night, you should consider going for a professional hairdo at least a day or two before the occasion.

Go for a Head to Toe Look

Since prom is a major high school highlight, you should look your best. That is why you should have a celebrity look. Your makeup, shoes, dress and even jewelry should all work together and complement each other.

Wax Your Eye Brows in Advance

Eyebrows play a significant role in a girls makeup; therefore they should be thoroughly kempt always. Waxing a day before the prom night is advisable so that any redness or sensitivity can get time to settle down.

Carry a Touch Up Kit

During the prom night, you should remember to carry a touch-up kit, since your makeup can get undone slightly. You should not forget to carry lipstick, breath mint, blotting papers, and even bobby pins.


Do not burst a pimple

You should never pop a pimple before or during your prom night. It can ruin your makeup since most pimples excrete a discharge that may undo your makeup. To be safe, just hide it with your makeup, you can always pop it later.

Do Not Overdo

Try to apply modest or simple makeup. Overdoing may make you look funny rather than beautiful.

Avoid Body Glitter

Rather than applying body glitter, consider using a lotion that has some shimmer to give you that glowing look.

Avoid Dark/Red Lip

During the night, you might find yourself in a make out session. This is because the red or black lips may mess up quickly, and reapplication may require some time.

In some cases, it is advisable to have a professional work makeup to give you that stylish look. One of the main reasons why getting makes up from a professional experience. Most makeup artists have worked on many people for different occasions. Thus, their chances of messing up your face are minimal. In addition to experience, makeup artists can easily tell what style best suits your face, your eyes, your skin tone, and even the outfits that you will be wearing during the prom night.
On the other hand, you might get a makeup artist who is not very experienced, thus ruining your night. Additionally, getting a good artist means that you have to pay more, and you might not be having enough cash. Besides, since you will get the makeup just before the prom night, you might not have sufficient time to confirm whether it is your best option. Reapplying the makeup later can also be a problem since you do not have the products that the artist used.

If you do not have enough cash to get your makeup done by a professional, you can request a friend or a family member to do it. They will do it better than you can do it n yourself. However, you should choose someone who has some experience in applying makeup or has good taste in style.

Your makeup on prom night may determine whether you will be the most beautiful girl or the laughing stock. Your makeup should complement your natural beauty, and should work together with your other outfits. It is important that you do not overdo the make, or else you will look funny. Again, to give you that elegant look, you should ensure that your makeup does not clash with your dress. If you follow these prom makeup ideas, then you are bound to be one of the best looking girls on your prom night.