Black And Gold Nail Designs


When it comes to nail designs, there is an endless amount of creativity and options to choose from. Nail design is a pretty broad term which includes things like nail shape, acrylic or natural, polish type, as well as the actual designs on the nail. All of these factors are like steps in the process of finding the perfect nail design for you. In this article, we are going to walk you through this process and even give instructions on how to achieve a basic black and gold nail design that ties it all together.


Before you get to the less exciting part about actually doing your nails, you first get to do the really exciting part of picking out your color. When talking about nail polishes, it’s important to determine which type of nail polish you want.

Choosing A Color

There’s regular nail polish which is your everyday nail polish that will start chipping off the minute you don’t want it to.  There’s also gel nail polish which is a different formula that is applied to the nail and then dried underneath a UV to bind it to your natural nail. While this can be damaging to the nail if not removed properly, it lasts much longer than regular nail polish and remains shiny until you choose to remove it. Once you decide which formula you would like, then you can look at the colors that are offered in that formula. It can be intimidating if you walk up to 150 polish bottles on the wall with no idea what you’re thinking except that you hate pink.

It may be less scary if you know what colors are popular at the time. Popular colors change with the seasons. This is going to be your vibrant reds and greens for winter and your dark cranberries/wine colors for fall. Then there is the classic french manicure if you’re not big on color but still would like beautiful, natural looking nails. For this example, we are going to pick a matte (not shiny) black, gold, and gold glitter.

Choose A Style

Once you settle on a color you’re going to have to decide whether you would like your nails to be natural or acrylic. Think of acrylic nails as the gel polish but in nail form. Acrylics are pretty to look at and somewhat durable but they can start to get pricey when it comes to upkeep. Next, you want to decide what kind of shape you would like your nail to be. The most common nail shapes are square, rounded, coffin, almond (a cross between coffin and rounded), and stiletto (claws).

For this example, we are going to choose the square shape. Once you decide on the shape of your nail, you can begin to adjust it until you have the desired effect. This includes the length of your nail and whatever filing/buffing needs you may have. After all of these things have been decided, you are ready to get to the actual design on your nail. In this case, a matte black and glittery gold nail design.

Things To Remember

When you begin to paint your nails it is vital to remember to apply a base coat. The base coat will not only protect your natural nail underneath, but it will also provide an extra layer to help the color last longer. The next step is to apply a coat of plain black nail polish. It is typically best to apply two coats to ensure that the pigment (color intensity) comes through. It’s okay if it’s shiny, we’ll fix that later. Allow the black to dry on all of your nails before continuing with the next step.

Once you’re sure that the nail is dry (you can lightly tap it with the tip of your finger to test it), you’re going to need two small pieces of tape. Place one piece of tape at an angle on the left side of your nail and do the same with the other piece of tape on the right side. When you’re done it should look like a pizza slice or triangle in the middle.

The top of the triangle should be at the end of your nail in the middle and you should still be able to touch the black through the triangle. Once the sides are taped off, paint the triangle in the middle gold. Again, it would be best to apply at least two coats so the black won’t show up underneath. Do this for all the nails and allow to dry. After this layer dries, add the gold glitter polish on top of that. Repeat for all of the nails and allow to dry.

Final Touches

Finally, put a top coat on just the gold part of the nail. Once the top coat is completely dry, carefully peel back the tape to reveal the entire nail. Now comes the tricky part. Unless you have a tiny brush that can make fine lines, just do your best to use the applicator that comes with the matte top coat to cover just the black portions of the nail. If you get some on the sides of your fingers, that’s okay. You can always go back and clean up the entire design with some acetone (nail polish remover) later.

After you’re done cleaning up any little mishaps that might have happened and you’re satisfied with how they look, you’re done! Voila. A simple black and gold nail design that looks way more complicated than it actually was.

This example was just one of the many kinds of designs that are possible when you throw the rules out the window and just have fun. You could even do more by adding gems or bows if that’s your kind of thing. Your nails should ultimately be a representation of who you are. The main thing to remember is that it all starts with healthy nails so be sure to take care of them. This applies to false nails as well as natural ones. There’s no point in getting beautiful nails if they’re going to be ruined in two weeks due to the lack of upkeep.

Keep in mind that long stiletto nails might sound exciting, but it’s important to have healthy nails that are going to suit you best. So go out there and experiment because that’s the only way to find out if you’re a claw or coffin type person.