Master These Cute, Simple Nail Designs For Any Occasion


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Most women desire their nails to be presentable and beautiful. If you wish to stray away from the standard French tip, gel nails, or add some spice to your nails, then these 5 cute simple nail designs are perfect for giving your nails some personality. They are all relatively simple and effortless, yet give your nails an intriguing sophistication that looks professional.

These looks require hardly any tools or work to accomplish and are perfect for times when you just can’t make it to the salon or you’re short on cash and time. The first thing you want to do is wash your hands. This way you’ll have a nice clean surface to work on and your look will look fresh and sharp.

If you find that your edges are a little uneven or you have some rough calluses, come nail clippers or a file will do the trick. If you go to the nail salon, you’ll notice some nail stylists use oils (mainly olive oil), to soften up the skin on your hands and nails. This is optional. Next you’ll want to apply your base coat, which will protect your nails and make a foundation for the rest of your nail polish. Base coats are usually clear, so they won’t interfere with your look.

Base colors are the colors you start with when painting nails for those of you unfamiliar with nail art. If you happen to have it in your possession, apply some liquid latex around the skin of your nails. This will protect your skin and make your design look neater. If you don’t have liquid latex, some Scotch tape will do just fine.



This nail design mimics an abstract painting with its bright random colors and blotchy patterns. The colors you will need are white, yellow, and pink. The white color will be your base color. Apply your white polish evenly over your nail. Next take each of your colors and make small blobs, (about three or four of each color), on your nail. Don’t worry about it being perfect and it doesn’t matter if the colors touch or overlap.

This look is meant to look perfectly imperfect. After you do the blobs take a plastic sandwich bag, trash bag, or grocery bag and press it onto the nail polish. This will marbleize and set the look and create a beautiful splotchy finish. The only thing left to do is remove the liquid latex (or tape). Now you’re done! If you’re an artsy type or have a party coming up, this would be the perfect design for both.



This design is extremely fun looking and calls for pink, white, and light purple polish. The purple polish will be your base color. Apply it evenly over your nail. Next, take your white polish and apply it diagonally, slanting across the nail. Now your nail is divided evenly with white and purple. Lastly, take the pink polish and apply it diagonally leaving a white stripe in between the purple and pink colors. Your color scheme should be as follows: purple, white, pink. You’re now finished with this look. If you wish to use three different colors, it’s your call.




This next pretty look requires you to have a bright minty color, and black polish. A bright sea foam green is what you’re looking for if you’re not familiar with the meaning of minty. The bright mint will be your base color and should be applied all over the nail. Next take your black polish and paint it in a downward curve beginning from the bottom left of your nail and ending at the tip. Fill in the rest above your curve with black leaving a minty crescent at the bottom that slightly travels into the side. This nail design is simple, yet elegant and flattering and is ideal for the office, date night, or evening activities.



This cute nail design will need a light blue and a white polish and will have you seeing blue skies all around. The light blue will be your base color and should be applied evenly over your whole nail. Next take your white polish and using the tip of your brush, dab circles into the shapes of clouds. It’s okay if your clouds aren’t perfectly shaped. Just prick tiny circles that are touching each other to make each cloud. Make sure the clouds don’t obscure the blue sky that’s your nail! This look is guaranteed to brighten up your day and garner plenty of compliments.



This last look is perfect for Valentine’s day, dates, romance, and for formal occasions. The only thing you need is a simple red polish. After applying your clear base coat, take your red polish and curve inwards towards the middle on each side of the tip of your nail to create a heart. And that’s it, you’ve created the heart design! This look, out of all the designs, is the simplest one. If love is in the air then this look will surely express it. If you’re in a hurry or have an important meeting to get to this look will absolutely work for you. This look is also simple for those jobs that are a little strict on your nail expression.

Don’t forget to apply your top coat after your colors have dried. The topcoat is your finish that will pull your whole look together. Putting on a topcoat is essential to give your look some staying power and to help minimize damage from everyday life. Your nails will have an incredible shine and look like they were done by a professional. And there you have it! Five cute simple nail designs that can all be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Each of these looks can be worn on different occasions whether they are for your job, or weddings, prom, dates, and parties, you name it.

You do not have to use the exact colors suggested, you can use your own colors and patterns. It depends on what you want and what colors you decide are flattering for you. Take time to think about what events you have coming up and decide what you want to express with your nails. Whatever your need, these looks can fill it.