Easter Nail Art And Designs

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Considered nowadays as more of a fashion exercise and something that enhances creativity and expression of one’s own artistic skills, the nail designs and art are indeed a significant area of beauty. They can be found on the latest catwalks of designers, famous musicians, and models. Not to mention anybody can come up with nail art that matches their attire, mood or personality.

The range of options available to you is huge and with time you’ll become more familiar with different designs that can enhance the beauty of your nails. Some of the more common designs include, flowers, glitters, Easter bunnies, bows, animal prints, bow, dots/spots, French Manicure, etc.

Brief History

Any form of art has its origin. From tattoos to Andy Warhol’s pop art culture, there always seems to be some art form emerging that allows people to showcase their creativity and individuality. Nail art has existed for the last 5 millenniums and can traced to the Indians who embellished their nails with henna. History originally saw nail art as being a show of social class, and the more extravagant the higher class you were considered. These days it is available to everyone and has exploded in popularity, so much so that a documentary, NAILgasm, was created to explore the growing trend of nail art from subcultures to high fashion.

Nail Art and Designs For the Easter Holiday:


If you’re looking for new styles that jazz up your plain fingernails during Easter celebrations, then Easter nail art and decorations are your answer. The great thing is that there are some techniques that are easy enough for you to do at home. One of the most basic options consists of using a very fine brush, toothpick or nail pen, draw an outline on your nail of the design that you have in mind. Thereafter, use a brush that’s slightly thicker to fill your outline with color. Blending and swirling pastel colors also creates a lovely effect. If you’re applying a variety of pastel colors, then you’ll need to wait for one color to dry before adding another one.

Floral Art


Creating floral art work on your nails is quite easy to do and looks beautiful when finished. This type requires you to use a fine brush with a square tip. This allows you to use one edge of the brush to create a darker color and another edge to create a lighter color. You can practice your design on paper before working on your nails. When ready, use the brush to create floral designs such as roses or tulips. For the leaves, you can just make a Z-shaped mark on your nails. The most common color combination for  floral nails in the Easter season is a pastel green and soft pink.

Jewels, Stickers and Motifs


Wearing stickers or jewels on your nails is also a fun practice. These ready-made decorations can be bought from any nail art supply store. The best way to apply jewels and stickers is to use tweezers to place them onto your nails, then press them down gently and let your nails dry. To finish, apply a clear coat of nail polish to seal in the decorations.

Many nail enthusiasts choose to have acrylic or gel nails put on before having any nail art done. This shiny acrylic enhances the designs. You can go so far as to have your nails pierced in order to insert small hoops and studs, or Easter bunnies.

3-Dimensional Shapes


3D manicure has really taken the world by storm over the last few years. This technique involves fastening real charms to the nail and using sculpture powder to produce a unique 3D look. From funky geometric shapes to pearls, anything goes in this art form.

Digital Design

While many nail experts can design very beautiful masterpieces using sharp brushes, or by employing a stencil, a new sophisticated technique has hit the industry. The nails are cleaned and trimmed, just as they would be for a normal nail art, and a base coat is laid on and left to dry. Thereafter, a special polish is applied to facilitate sticking of the nail design. While it sets, you’re allowed to select your own design.

Next, your hand is placed in a cradle under a machine that sprays the design from the printer onto the nails. Even though most machines have hundreds of nail art designs to choose from, it’s also possible for you to create your own motif and have it scanned into the machine. Again, the printer is set to stop should your hand move accidentally.



Nail art kits are essential for beginners as they give you everything you need to get started. These will normally contain the top and base coats, pins and stickers for the designs, special brushes or dotting tools, polish and colors, and even jewels, glitters, or stones depending on the cost of the kit. You may even consider buying a kit with nail art pens that help you draw directly onto the nail, getting a totally unique Easter nail art of your own.

Tips for Maintenance


Easter nail art is one of the most short-lived art forms. After your nail grows out, or the acrylic or gel needs to be removed, your investment is lost. A good number of women get their nails done on a regular basis, but there are ways to make your design last for a few extra weeks. Applying a top coat after they’re done, and every couple of days afterwards, will keep them looking new. Furthermore, apply cuticle oil every other day to preserve nail health. When doing chores and tasks that can damage your hands, wear standard gloves to protect your nails from chips, dents or cracks.



The most important thing to remember about nail art is to be creative, expressive and funny. There are several resources for finding nail design and maintenance inspiration. A lot of electronic books can be accessed online that will cater for the nail designs you are searching for the level of skill you currently have. The Internet is a treasure-trove of information and ideas and a quick search will find you an endless supply of ideas. Alternatively you could attend a class at your local nail salon to learn some basics or find inspiration from them, not to mention vastly improving your ability.