Easy Nail Designs Anyone Can Master


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Have you ever wondered why some women have nails that seem to always look perfect any day and time? They never have scratched tips or worn out polish. Take comfort in knowing that you do not have to spend a lot of money to go to a salon to keep up with these women. They have discovered that getting a perfect look for your nails doesn’t have to be complicated as you think. You can actually achieve it in a simple and easy way with the help of a few nail designs. Knowing how to get that perfect look for your nails will not only save you time, but also money. Doing your own nails means you can do it anytime or anywhere to fit your busy schedule. If you are still stumped on how to reach the perfect look, then here are some easy steps to get that perfect but easy nail design.

3D Nail Art Design


This is a very easy design to achieve and is also very cool. As the name suggest it gives your nails that 3D appearance. You first need to paint your entire nail with black polish and ensure it covers all corners and tips. Next add a stroke of dark purple and for this you need two coats for best opacity. The stroke should go over the black but not cover it entirely. Leave some shade of black uncovered at the sides. The dark purple stroke should be followed by a lighter shade of it. This stroke should be thinner than the dark purple. Lastly add a very thin stroke of white and cover the entire nail with clear polish for finish for that perfect finish.

Interlocked Dotticure


This nail design looks complicated but is one of the most easy nail designs. You need to start with two coats of light blue polish or a color of your choice. After the polish is dry add a coat of silver polish diagonally on your nail just to cover one side. Next use a big dot tool and put silver dots on the blue side right next to the silver line. Follow this by small silver dots on the far end of the blue side. Next add blue dots in the middle of the silver dots on the silver side to form an interlocking design. Finish up with small blue dots on the silver side at the far end and finally cover with a fast drying top nail polish.

 Flower Design

If you want a flower design and have no stickers then this is the design for you. You start off with a white base and then put three dots that will be used as guidelines for your flowers. Select different colors and place strokes against the yellow dots to act as petals. You can also add petals with your favorite colors on the white areas. Now finish up by applying the yellow polish in the middle of the petals and putting a top coat for the entire nail.

The Braided Look


For this nail design you will need three different colors of nail polish. You first apply the first color for the full nail then from there you will alternate the colors. Draw strokes from right to left and left to right with different colors. Finally put a top coat for that great finish

Galaxy Nail Design


Just like the name sounds this look is amazing like the stars in space but it’s actually one of the easiest design. Begin by painting the entire nail black. Next you are going to take a piece of makeup sponge which you can hold using a pair of tweezers. Put the sponge into a white polish and run it over the black polish to create a nebula’s, then put light blue shade on top of the white using the sponge. Now add a dark blue to blend in the black and the light blue. Finally add a nail polish with black and white pellets for the stars.

Spot Nail Art


This is a very simple of all easy nail designs to achieve. Start off by polishing the entire nail in white. Now put several spots using the polish brush in different colors but also ensure you also don’t put too many. Now for each spot place some black polish on its borders using a toothpick. For the white spaces you can put some small black dots. The dots should be of different shapes for that artistic look.

 Fizzy Bubble Nail Art


Start with a light base color for this instance we choose light purple. Place a coat for the entire nail. Follow this up with large dots of a darker shade of purple and reduce the size of the dots as you go up the nail. After this take even a darker shade and form interlocking dots still reducing the size as you go up. Finally cover the entire nail with a top coat nail polish.

 The Waterfall Design


Just like the name suggests this design resembles the water falls. Start off with a white polish as your base and ensure it covers the whole nail. Follow this up with strokes of different shades of pink plus a silver shade. The strokes should be thin and you can also alternate to a color of your choice. The lines should come from the cuticle to the top of the nail but not until the tip. This look is so easy yet so gorgeous. Ensure to finish it up with a clear top coat.

 Scalp Nail Design


For this design you can use any color you want. It’s one of the quick and easy nail designs you can find. To start polish the entire nail with a coat of light pink or a lighter shade of your choice. Follow up with three strokes of your favorite color. The strokes start from the middle of the nail at varying heights. For this case I choose Tiffany blue. After the blue follow up with another three strokes of red or any other color of your choice still at varying heights. Cover this all or seal it in with a coat of clear top coat. 10. Plebeian nail design. This is simplest design of all. It can be used when all else fails. You simply apply a white nail polish or any other color over your entire nail and that’s it.