Spice Up Your Look With These French Nail Designs


French nails have continued to be a popular option for many people being that their neutral styles go with almost everything. Anyone can pull this design off whether their nails are long or short. They are appropriate for teens, kids, and even the elderly. This look is subtle and can be worn with any clothing, is appropriate for any event, and is a safe look for the workplace. Another reason for the French nail’s popularity is the fact that it can be done at home without wasting money or gas traveling, and is fairly simple to accomplish. French nails shouldn’t be confined to one style though. There are a lot of ways you can change it up to suit your own personal style and taste.

The standard French nail is usually very glossy and neutral in color, and is very neat and elegant. Nicely trimmed nails are a good foundation to be able to pull this look off. When you go into the salon your manicurist will trim any hang nails, buff out any edges and smooth the surface of your nail so your design can be absolutely flawless. The feature that often makes a French nail recognizable is the white tip at the end. If you want to change it up, you can select a different color besides white, such as blue or maybe pink for example.shutterstock_93545380

A little pop of color never hurt anyone and can help to enhance the design without being too bold. Another idea is to create the look on all of your fingers and then make one of them different. For instance, you can get lavender tips on all of your fingers and then paint your whole middle finger lavender. You’ll still have the classic design, but it’ll have a little extra twist to it.

Be Bold

One other way to shake things up is to paint your whole nail instead of having everything to be clear or neutral. Then apply whatever color you choose to go on your tips. Maybe a blue nail, and silver tips? Or for the upcoming holidays, you can alternate green and red. There are many possibilities to consider. Many women also choose to stick with the classic look, but add nail art on top. You can enhance your neutral color with some swirls, confetti-like dots, or maybe random splats on the surface.

Flower designs can also be flattering for anyone, especially kids. If you decide to go with a flower on top, placing a rhinestone in the middle of each one will help to give your look some extra pizazz. Rhinestones also look lovely alone as well. Your stylist can shape them into a specific pattern or design to express your personality. Putting letters on your nails can also be a fun option. You can spell out your name, or something else that’s important to you. Rhinestones can also be used to accomplish this.
You also don’t have to have your dividing line painted horizontally on your nail. A lot of women and girls choose to have a diagonal division between their colors, or a vertical division. You can make your line wavy or zig zagged as well. Another idea is paint your alternate color at the base of the nail instead of the tip. It’s simple, make a curve, a wave, or whatever else you choose, just do it on the opposite side. If you still prefer the normal end, how about a heart shaped tip for Valentine’s Day?

Take your favorite red or pink polish and draw two curves at each corner on the tip of your nail and make them meet in the middle. This look is ideal for your anniversary, wedding, dates, or maybe just simply spending a normal day with your significant other. Stripes are another good idea. It’ll take some precision, but you can do your white tips as normal, and then draw colors inside vertically. Red, white, and blue are cute choices for Independence Day, and perhaps orange and black would do for Halloween. The choice is up to you.


If you know what type of look you desire, but don’t think you’re capable of pulling it off, you can go ahead and go to your manicurist. Some will know what look you’re talking about from experience but it won’t hurt to bring a reference to help them understand better. If you prefer, you can also ask for fake nails instead of getting your real ones done. Some fake nails come ready with designs on them and it’s merely a matter of choice which ones you prefer. If you’d prefer to stay at home, take care to get all of the things you’ll need to do your nails.

Have plenty of nail remover on hand in case things don’t go as smoothly as you thought. Nail clippers, olive oil or lotion, and cotton balls are essential. A file can be used to even up the edges of your nails so they all can look unified and neat. Whatever colors you choose, and tools for designing nail art are also a good idea. It’s also good to have a topcoat on hand too so you can ensure that your look will last a good while. If you’re planning on staying in, why not invite your friends and have a girls night in? Having more heads around mean more inspiration for your look, and that you can all swap ideas and designs.


French nails can be pretty easy to accomplish with continued practice. It can be somewhat tedious to get the design just right and you may have to swipe off your mistakes and start over. In the end it’ll be worth it though. No matter what design you go with, it will look stunning on you, your mother, your kids, and basically anyone. The best part about French nails are their versatility. Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist about the latest designs and to try something new. Make sure to also care for your nails so your design can look the very best.