Fun Nail Designs For Any Season


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Nail designs come in different forms and quality, but they can be applied either at home or in a professional nail art salon. However, nail art designs can be quite overwhelming to an individual who has no prior experience since there are different items and patterns involved. In fact, newbies to nail art design mess up their design quite often and take longer to accomplish a single nail design than a professional nail art designer.

Nevertheless, nail art designs are highly attractive especially when well done in the beautification of fingernails. It really does not matter whether you are doing your nail at home or in the professional realm. Nail design is quite a relatively common art in our culture and moderate practice and experimentation with different elements and styles produce numerous nail patterns to beautify nails.shutterstock_471770120


It is quite exciting doing nail art design by experimenting with different types of polishes and nail art brushes. Trying out different design patterns can be as entertaining as you let your imagination go.

Before You Start

However, there are a few things you ought to consider before embarking on your nail art design adventure. First, your nails must be clean and well-shaped. Second, draw the cuticles back and use a nail file to shape and align your fingernails. If you are new to nail art design, it is greatly valuable for you to explore and plan designs beforehand. It is quite easy to prepare yourself by drawing out miniature sketches, which will serve as a point of reference whilst you do the actual nail art work on your nails.

Settling for a specific polish can be quite challenging especially to newbies, but black and white polishes make a great base to start with. They are easy to blend with other colors and complex design details. Another important aspect that hugely impacts nail art design is the manner in which the edges and cuticles of your nails are framed. They should be slightly indented to prevent polish from pouring over the edges since it would mess your design.

In fact, the beauty of nail designs comes out best and correctly on well-trimmed and shaped nails. For a personalized nail art design you can blend your own design ideas with mainstream designs covered in magazines and fashion blogs.

Colors And Patterns


Opposite nail treatment goes far than just playing with colors and design patterns. It goes deeper than that. In fact, it involves the health of your body and your nutrient intake to nourish the nails and grow them to be strong and resilient. It also entails personal discipline. You have to be on high alert and cautious when going about your personal day to day activities not damage or contaminate them. Most household chores demand handling different cleaning agents and liquids which are likely to damage your nails. You can prevent this likely damage by wearing a pair of gloves when undertaking such rigorous tasks.

Once you are ready to begin applying the different polishes to imprint your desired art nail design, prepare a set of cotton balls and some acetone for use in case of whatever spills. Start out by giving your nails a base layer that is both bold and powerful. You can either use a secondary or a primary color depending on what is most appealing to you. Once the base layer is in place, apply two covers to your nail to make the color faint and allow it to dry well. This is important especially when it comes to the next step of enhancement which must not mix or drag the base layer. Otherwise, you will have a shoddy nail art work.

Time To Design


Once the base layer has dried, it is time to put your artistry into action and create an eye-catching nail design on your nails. A brush can effectively accomplish this. Do not limit yourself to the monotony of flower designs and simplistic stripe patterns. Combine two or more designs and let them blend into stunning sophistication. It is really a practical approach that you can accomplish by simple utilization of a marbling gear to produce a custom pattern for your nail art design.

Additionally, stickers are also highly effective in carving out unique designs and enhancing the effectiveness of nail design. In fact, they are casually paired with gems to enhance nail art design in the enhancement and beautification of fingernails.

In the occasion of a more bespoke nail design there are a lot of standard nail art designs that you can learn about or seek the services of a professional to have them beautify your fingernails. The most popular standard nail designs include the bridal wedding nail designs, the Hawaiian theme nail designs, nail designs for the winters, acrylic nails nail designs, nail style games nail designs and marine nail designs.

Seasonal Designs


Various fun nail designs are suitable for distinct occasions as their names openly suggest. Therefore, it is quite obvious that your choice of a particular nail design will be dictated by the season, the occasion and mood. However, it is quite alright for people seeking an in-between occasions and the free day fingernail beautification to cross the detailed specification of choosing their nail design. In the modern set up today, popular nail designs can be creatively customized to easily fit a personalized style and feel of nail art design.

Besides, it is cheap to execute and no specialized skills are really required. However, for a completely mind-blowing intricate nail design, professional nail designer are a must have. You cannot achieve a Hawaiian theme nail design or a bridal wedding nail design with cheap polish and amateur home-grown nail art skills.

While it is understandably acceptable to invest in the skills of a professional nail art design artist, your everyday nail design is a skill you can simply master by taking easy to follow tutorials online. As the popular adage infers, practice leads to perfection. A simple nail art tutorial can boost you enormously and help you learn both the basics and advanced nail art techniques. It can be your foundation to mastering simple effect designs to complex gradient effect techniques.