Beautiful Glitter Nail Polish Looks


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Glitter Nail Polish is a fun bold trend that is popular among kids and even mature adults. It can be fun to watch the colors sparkle and shimmer as you move your hand to and fro. The best thing about having glitter polish is it goes with almost everything. It’s good for almost any occasion whether you are hanging out with your friends, having a blast at a party, or spending time with your significant other. Glitter Nail Polish is the perfect addition to a girl (or woman’s) look.

Applying glitter polish can be a bit tedious. It can be so frustrating to get a perfect finish that isn’t bumpy, uneven, slow drying, patchy and so on. Removing the polish proves to be an even harder task. So how do you solve this? Luckily with this tip, you’ll be able to make the process easier and more enjoyable. Nail vlogger, Kelli Marissa, recently discovered a smart efficient way to apply this type of polish without all the hassle. You’ll need a base coat, your choice of glitter nail polish, some liquid latex, a cosmetic sponge, and a top coat. The first thing you want to do is apply your base coat. A base coat will help your polish stick to your nails better and also protect your fingernail from damage.

The next thing you want to do is put your liquid latex around your nail to keep the polish from getting on your skin and protect it. Now take your glitter polish and apply it to the edge of a makeup sponge. Dab the sponge onto your nail. If you use this method you’ll end up with neat and even nails in just one try. The secret to this method is the sponge’s ability to absorb. The sponge soaks up most of the actual polish leaving just the glitter on your nails. The result? Nice opaque color without all the spaces. Now peel the latex off of your finger. Pretty neat, right? Make sure you apply a top coat to make your polish last longer.
There are also many variations of glitter polish. You can get it in one single specific color, or you can get the multi colored ones. It’s completely up to your own personal taste. Here are some of the best polishes out there right now.

China Glaze Nail Polish – Ruby Pump This deep shimmery red makes a great accessory especially during the coming holidays. It’s flattering to all skin tones and is sure to bring attention to your beautiful hands. At only $4 a bottle it can also make a quick mini gift just in case you’re a guy and happened to forget you and your girl’s special day.

Formula X The Effects Nail Polish – Light Me Up Edison. This polish will light up any room you walk into with its various speckles of green, gold, and yellow. This polish would look great paired with the previous one during this season and is a lovely addition to one’s collection. This polish is very festive and flattering. It’s a little pricier than the China Glaze at $13, but it’s worth the purchase.

O. P. I. – Infrared-y to Glow. This polish is essential for looking your best at any party. The confetti-like sparkles make the perfect statement and can add some wow to your fingers. If you like having an explosion on your hands, then $10 shouldn’t be a problem for you. On the Fourth of July you’ll have the opportunity to show your patriotism and American heritage.

Essie Luxeffects Glitter Topcoat – Stroke of Brilliance Blue is always a beautiful color to have when you want to take a break from all of the pinks and reds that have become conventional these days, especially sapphire. The polish currently listed at $9 is a affordable option for almost everyone. This color can also compliment those of you who have brown or blue eyes.

Whim Bold Glitters Nail Lacquer Collection – Catching Confetti Valentines Day is only a few months away so if being glitzy and glamorous is your niche, make sure to consider this shade. Try splattering this on your tips to add a little pop to your look. Your boyfriend or husband is sure to take a liking to it as well. This polish can also make a lovely addition to your anniversary. If you’re a fan of Marilyn Monroe, know that pink is one of her signature colors and is definitely a girl’s best friend. This nail polish is also $10. And it is as girly as it gets.

Color Richey Nail by L’Oreal – Gold Dust. This shade of polish is a gorgeous compliment to a bride on her wedding day. The polish is subtle but flattering and doesn’t overshadow your other accessories. It matches gold jewelry and at only $5 it’s a sure steal. It’s also an ideal color for the office or formal events.

Deborah Lippman – Roses in the Snow. This set comes with two polishes that are intricately designed to compliment each other. The colors are very elegant and if carefully applied, combine to make a beautiful staple to your appearance. The Modern Love beige shade helps to tone down the boldness of its partner color, Enchanted Evening. Perfect for a dinner party or engagement party.

These bottles of glitter nail polish have been chosen as the best of this year. Before you buy, make sure to consider your own personal style and what colors flatter your skin tone and type best. Different types of glitter polish come with different variations of glitter so be sure to take a close look or else mistake blue sparkles for green. Glitter polish is a great quick fix if your previous polish begins to chip and tends to last a while longer than standard solid colors. Also consider the size of the flakes in the bottle. The smaller the sparkles, the subtler the shimmer. You don’t have to be a certain age to be able to enjoy glitter polish. Anyone can wear it whether they’re in their teen years, or in their 30s, 40s, or even 50s.