Long Lasting Nail Polish: 10 Ways To Stronger Nail Polish


Most of us lead busy and hectic lives. Work, school, and other obligations can take a toll on our skin, hair, and especially our nails. Most jobs require you to work with your hands, leading to broken nails, chipped polish, and peeling surfaces. So how can you protect your nail designs and get the most traction out of them? Luckily there are many ways to do this and some are located right in your very home. The first place you should look for nail protection is in your cabinet.

Home Remedies


Olive oil is a great conditioner of nails and has nutrients in it to help make nails strong and improve their density. In addition it can also help to soften up your hands as well. Besides olive oil, other oils such as coconut oil or sunflower oil can be extremely effective in making your nails stronger and healthy. Another option is to rub lotion into them. When you go to moisturize your hands, take a moment to give a little attention to your nail beds and cuticles. Some people have stated Vaseline can even be an option in a pinch. Nails require moisture like your skin so keep this in mind when you’re readying yourself in the morning and leave the house.

Another way to protect your nails is to wear gloves when working with chemicals or washing dishes or clothes. Dish detergent and cleaning substances have harsh ingredients that can break down the nail surface and cause brittleness and breakage. Let your dishwasher do the job every once in a while. If you still prefer to wash your dishes by hand and gloves are uncomfortable there are soaps that are healthy for the hands and can condition and protect them.

Dawn has started coming out with products that are designed for this purpose. Make sure to take the necessary precautions if you work in a place of industrial work such as construction or engineering. Wearing the appropriate hand wear can prove to be wise in case you accidentally move your hands in the wrong direction or have a foreign substance make contact with your hands. A heavy object dropping on your hand and leaving a bruise isn’t something you would want either.

Store Options

When you have healthy nails your polish and designs are more likely to look fresh and put together. But even with healthy nails it can still be a pain to actually get your polish to stay put as you go about your day. Brush against a surface with a little too much force and suddenly you’ll find yourself with bare edges or peeling colors. It’s frustrating to have to constantly touch up your look which hardly anyone has time for? There are plenty of brands out there on the market that are capable of lasting a good while and are durable and stylish.

Here are some of the best products.


Caption – This polish wears like a gel and gives your nails a beautiful shine. It glides on smoothly and is capable of lasting 9 whole days with out chipping or peeling. At only $9 this polish comes in beautiful light colors that flatter everyone.

Zoya – This product gives all the color without the toxic chemicals and substances. This polish can last 10 days or more without wearing down. It offers 300 colors to choose from and is also $9. This polish has proven difficult to remove when one is ready for a change. It is just that good. It is a perfect choice when traveling or for special events.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – This duo comes with the main polish and a top coat to ensure that it stays put where it’s supposed to be. No UV light is required to set the color and it is able to easily last a week. It comes in 45 shades.

Color Club – Color Club delivers beautiful results and can last at least a week without a base or a topcoat. The brand’s Poptastic Pastel Neon line was highly praised and is ideal for spring time and summer time. It’ll cost you $9.

OPI – OPI brims with intense color and delivers beautiful deep hues without you needing to apply more than once or twice. This product lasts almost 7 days without peeling or flaking. Each bottle costs $10.

Essie – Essie is also able to be worn without a topcoat or base and also makes the 7 day mark. It cost $9 and comes in a variety of pretty colors that’ll draw plenty of attention to your hands.

FABY Nature – Another health-friendly product, this polish is also free of seriously harmful chemicals and are healthy for your nails while providing bright color. It’s 87% natural and is also vegan friendly.

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro – This last product is a little on the expensive side but is well worth the money. It comes with two bottles, both with color coded caps so you won’t misapply. You can use this with any of your polishes to help enhance the gloss and appearance of your look. The base coat, which is in the bottle with the white cap helps to strengthen and fortify the nail and the bottle with the black cap contains polymers that help to bind the color onto your nail and make it sparkle. $45 is granted, a little much, but the quality is phenomenal.

So there you have it, ten options to give long lasting nail polish looks that have been shown to endure at least a week or a little more. Keep in mind that wearing a base and a topcoat can improve your polish’s durability and decrease its chances of chipping, fading, or flaking. Keeping your nails trimmed and neatly groomed can also reduce the likeliness of hangnails or nail breakage that could potentially ruin your design or style.

Even working in retail or fast food punching numbers on a register for prolonged periods of time can gradually wear down the edge of your nail causing chipping and flaking that you may not notice at first. Consider your own personal lifestyle and think about wearing designs or styles that are appropriate for your job.