How To Properly Apply Nail Art Stickers


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Some people find nail art stickers too difficult to deal with. I’m here to clarify that they are extremely easy and are way less of a hassle (for you and your wallet) than paying for a manicure. A simple clarification of the process will show you that nail art stickers are really the smartest decision you could make for your nails.

It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t even need to be a hassle. Nail art stickers can make your life so much easier while at the same time making your life a little more stylish.


– Nail Art Stickers 101 –

There are some obvious benefits. Nail art stickers are cheaper than paying a nail salon to paint creative designs on your nails. You can also apply them much faster. Nail stickers are water resistant and they don’t damage and yellow your nails. They aren’t wet so you don’t have to worry about a mess and you don’t have to wait for the paint to dry.shutterstock_372554836

You don’t have to sacrifice quality either. There are some stickers with great quality. You can find attractive designs and there are even more options that a manicure would offer. As long as you put the nail stickers on properly, they’ll look just as great.

How to Properly Apply Nail Art Stickers


In your efforts to perfectly apply nail art stickers you have your two best friends: The topcoat and your nail file. For dark color-filled nail stickers, this is actually all you need. The topcoat is essential as it helps to keep the whole design in tact longer. Without a topcoat the sticker feels worse quality and gets damaged easily. If you’re interested in nail stickers because it’s much easier, convenient, and cheaper than a nail salon then you want to make the most of each and every sticker. That’s why a topcoat is imperative.

The sticker is generally longer than your nail. When you put them on there will be some excess going over the edge of your nail. Bend it down and try smoothing it down through the edges and not from the middle in order to prevent creases. A common problem is that many of you try to smooth it starting from the middle going outwards. This doesn’t match the grooves that have already been set by the bottom of the sticker. Placing the sticker on correctly may feel stressful, but by your third finger you’ll have completely gotten the hang of it.


Once it’s bent down and smoothed out with no creases, you bring out the nail filer. This is another stage that some people mess up on. You file the edge and when it’s ready, you can tear the excess off. Don’t be too rough with the filing to the point where it drags the sticker off its centering. If you don’t do it gently you can ruin the edge and it will start to peel back. Once you’ve removed the excess sticker, you can apply the topcoat and you’re ready.

There is some finesse involved. Practice makes perfect with nail art stickers. But it certainly requires less expertise than painting actual designs. With the efficiency of stickers in mind, it’s nice to know some other tricks that can help smooth things out.

Further Consideration for Properly Applying Nail Art Stickers


It helps to have a base coat. This is good to protect your nails and preventing them from getting damaged. A base coat and outer coat are both absolutely essential when using stickers that have clear spaces. This is getting quite popular now especially in Korea where they have been obsessing over shattered glass nail art stickers. For these stickers that have clear spaces I would recommend an outer coat. Usually use something white or black. That helps protect your nails and looks much nicer. There are some smaller stickers that are more like decals, which you don’t even have to file and cut off the excess. These you just place a little heart or what ever design on your nails. You do this on top of your outer coat, and when combined with an outer coat, tend to last much longer.

The most common complaint is the width of the sticker. The length is an easy fix with a nail filer but the width isn’t always perfect as everyone has different sized hands. There are a couple things you can do to solve this.

The first is obvious. Keep trying different brands and sizes until you find the perfect one. Since they come in such grand diversity, there is surely a brand that makes designs you like in your perfect size. The next solution is to trim them. You can measure it or estimate, It doesn’t have to perfect down to every decimal point. A slight trimming can lead to further creative outlets of you editing and designing as well. I’ve personally cut out little hearts and stars before, but that’s obviously unnecessary. Another solution is to use products like Jamberry wraps. They’re a little bit of a different nail art sticker. You use heat from your hair dryer to spread the sticker as they come one small and it spreads to conform to your nail. That being said, I’ve always found trimming the stickers to be the simplest solution.

Nail Art Stickers Removal


The removal of nail art stickers is one of the few complaints people have. If you’ve applied an outer coat then it is important that you have removed as much of it as you can first. Then you soak it in warm water. This has never been a problem for me because I am an avid warm bath taker. Even a hot shower would do. Once you get them warm and moist you can easily scratch them off.

And there you have it. There’s no need to waste money every week getting your nails done. You can get high quality nail design by using nail art stickers instead. It requires a little practice, but when you get the hang of it, no one will even notice they’re stickers.

Try it out now. They’re not expensive. They’re certainly worth a try, and you might find it’s something you like.