Nail Art Tools You Can’t Live Without

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Truth be told, there is nothing worse than trying to use the wrong set of tools to create a look. No matter how talented your abilities are, the wrong set of tools can severely hinder the perfect masterpiece you are trying to create. So, to help you replicate the outstanding designs you see on YouTube and Pinterest, we have compiled a list of all the essential nail art tools (aside from all the basics like polish remover, nail file, base coat/top coat, cuticle pusher… etc.) that you will ultimately need to take your nail art game to the next level.



  • Fan Brush

Once you paint your nails a base color and they are dry, dip the tips of your fan brush into the nail polish and then lightly sweep the brush over your nails for a wispy feathered look.

  • Stripe Brush

If you are looking for crisp, sharp lines on your nails, a stripe brush is a must.

  • Detail Brush

Intricate and small detailed designs require a good detail brush. This brush makes it possible to achieve that desired exemplary look. Without it, it is difficult to create the perfect intricate designs.

  • Angled French Brush

When you want to create a simple and neat French tip design or simple color blocking design, the angled French brush can help you do just that. This brush also helps in creating crisp edges and amplifying the corners of a design.

Nail Wraps/Stickers


If you are not good at making your own nail art designs; pick up some good looking pre-made sticker designs and press them onto your nails. Nail stickers come with a strong adhesive backing that allows them to stick to your nails firmly. To add some sparkle on them, stick them on dry nail polish and seal them with a fast dry topcoat.

  • Rhinestones

To add bling and glamor to your nail art design, use rhinestones. They come in a variety of different shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from.

  • Doomed Pearls

Looking for a nail art design that will be simple and ladylike but won’t draw much attention to you? Doomed pearls are for you. They are simply a pack of pearls and clear crystals that you can stick on your nails to give them a pop.

  • Loose glitter


Glitter is the fastest way to achieve a sparkling nail. Simply sprinkle a little loose glitter over wet nail polish, leave it to dry then finish it off with a top coat for luster.

  • Studs

For an outstanding 3-D flourish on your nails, simply use metallic circles, a stash of studs or colored crystal domes for your design.

Nail Polish


The key to a perfect nail design is good nail polish. Here are some of the quality nail polishes you must have in your nail kit:

  • Good-quality staple shades

A classic red, sheer pink, opaque black and white polishes are a must have for perfect nail art.

  • Matte top coat

Nothing says glamor and luster like a good non-glossy matte finish.

  • Vibrant hues


To make your nails stand out, use vibrant polish colors like  yellow, orange, pink, teal or fuchsia.

  • Glitter nail polish

This is a must have for any girl. It is the easiest nail polish to try. You can stroke the polish on over a solid color, or apply several layers to have a completely glittered nail.

  • Jewel tone polish

When it comes to accessorizing your outfit a jewel tone polish will help add some class. Any nail design looks fabulous on this polish.

  • Metallic polish

Metallic polish is the trendy thing at the moment. The metallic polish is perfect for any outfit these days. If you choose to design over metallic blue, purple rose gold, gold  or even mermaid blue, rest assured you will stand out.

  • Nude Polish


Needless to say, every girl needs this polish in her kit; Nude polish is perfect for when you want to wear a beautiful shade that won’t make your nails too noticeable. Perfect for interviews or any event you don’t want to draw much attention to yourself.

Dotting tool


Dotting tools helps in creating intricate large or tiny dots on your nails as well as create a series of circles on your nails.

Nail Art Pen


If you are an artist and you want to feel like you are drawing an art design on your nails, use a nail art pen to achieve an outstanding effect.

Nail Polish Correcting Pen


You don’t have to be a nail artist to achieve flawless designs. All you need is to know how to clean up neatly around your nail bed for a proper professional finish. There is no better way to achieve this than with the help of a nail polish correcting pen. Thanks to its precision tip, this correcting pen can get rid of any smudges and erase any accidental mistakes along the side walls of your nails precisely.

Glitter Nail Polish Remover pads


If you love glitter on your nails (And who doesn’t) but hate the horrid process of getting it off. There is a perfect solution; glitter nail polish removal pads can do the trick for you quick and easy. Plus, they leave no trace of glitter on your hands or nails.

Tweezers and Scissors


A good pair of tweezers is a must-have item in your manicure kit. Tweezers help in picking up small embellishments and putting them on the nails perfectly without leaving smudges. Sometimes when making your own nail art, you might need to cut out stickers or designs hence small nails scissors are paramount.

Lint Free Cotton Swabs/Qtips


Lint free cotton helps remove nail polish from your nails without leaving any fragments on your nails, making your manicure neater .Ordinary cotton may leave cotton fibers on your nails which may ruin the nail art intended.

Nail Polish Remover


When buying a nail polish remover, consider acetone free nail polish remover as acetone can be harsh on your nails

Nail stamper and Scraper


To come up with the perfect nail stamping design, you will need a scraper, design plate, stamper and nail polish. To create a neat nail stamper, simply paint polish over the desired design on the plate you want to use, then hold the scraper at a 45-degree angle and scrape off any excess polish. Then roll the rubber side of your stamper across your design and then do the same over your nail to transfer the design on your nail.

Multipurpose Tool


This is the ultimate nail art tool. It is designed for a variety of purposes, from a cuticle pusher, pulling polish off the sidewalls, picking up studs and rhinestones as well as making a 3-D art design. Phenomenal don’t you think?

Striping Tape and Nail Vinyl’s


Striping tape can be used to block off areas on your nails before applying nail polish. You can press it on your nails to get super straight lines, plus you can also use it as a design to get pretty metallic stripes. You can also choose to mix up the shape and size of your nail designs with nail vinyl.

Making your own nail art designs can be a fun activity. However, ensure you have the right nail art tools for the job before you start. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different nail art designs that you have in mind or you have seen before. When it comes to nail art designs, the sky is the limit.