Peel Off Nail Polish With Ease


If you love painting your nails, it is imperative that you know how to not only apply nail polish, but also how to remove it as well. When you stay with the same nail polish for a long period of time, it may start to look bad. So you need to know how to remove it in order to apply fresh nail polish. The good news is that there are a number of ways that you can use to peel off old nail polish easily. It should not be something to worry you very much.


The following are some of the effective ways that you can use to remove nail polish. Though effective, some of them may need be repeated multiple times for best results.

DIY Nail Polish Removers

There are household products that you can use to peel off nail polish if you do not want to buy nail polish remover. Alcohol and alcohol-based products are the best. Go for those that have stronger alcohol content for best results. For instance isopropyl alcohol which is also referred to as rubbing alcohol. You may also have other products in your home that have alcohol in them such as hairspray, perfume, spray-on deodorant and hand sanitizer. You can also use alcoholic drinks such as vodka, gin or grappa to remove nail polish, but they should not be your first option. Use them only if you cannot find a product that has some alcohol content in it.


Apart from the alcohol-based products, you can also use white vinegar or a mixture of a vinegar solution mixed with lemon juice to remove nail polish. Since vinegar is an acid and all-purpose cleaner in most households, it makes sense that it can be used for peeling off nail polish. Mixing it with lemon juice is most likely to provide the best results. If you do not find lemon juice, you can use some orange juice. It provides a powerful citrus cleaning power that will leave your nails looking clean and great. You will simply need to soak your fingers in the vinegar for about ten minutes and then try to remove the polish using a piece of wood, metal or plastic.

You can also use some basic toothpaste to peel off nail polish. All you need to do is apply a dollop of toothpaste on your nails and then allow it to sit for some time. After that, use a paper towel or old toothbrush to scrub it away. White toothpastes are recommended because they lift and pull of the polish from your nails much better compared to other types of toothpastes. For the best results, you can mix the toothpaste with some baking soda.


Hydrogen peroxide is another household product that can prove very useful when it comes to removing nail polish. What you are supposed to do is take two parts of the hydrogen peroxide and then mix it with one part of hot water and then allow it to stay for ten minutes. What this means is that if you use a cupful of hydrogen peroxide, you will need to use a half cup of hot water. Make sure that you boil the water until it is very hot before mixing it with hydrogen peroxide for it to be effective. After the ten minutes have elapsed, you will simply need to work the mixture on your nails using free fingers and then remove the polish using a nail file.

Using Your Remover


If you have a nail polish remover, you do not need to go through the hassle of using the household products mentioned above. You will need to apply your chosen nail remover product using a cotton ball or paper towel. Soak the cotton ball or paper towel in the nail polish remover and then dab it on your nails gently. Add more nail polish remover to the cotton ball or paper towel as required until the nail polish comes off completely. Replace the cotton ball if it becomes saturated with color.

Note that the nail polish may not come off immediately when you apply the nail polish remover. You may need to let it sit for about a minute for it to sink in and weaken the polish. The longer the nail polish sits the better. If you are using a stronger remover, you will not have to wait for very long before removing the nail polish. After waiting for about a minute, all you will need to do is simply wipe off the polish using a paper towel or cotton pad, or scrub them to remove the nail polish.

After wiping off the nail polish, you will need to soak your hands in hot water to remove chunks of the polish that may be remaining on your nails. For best results, you will need to get the water as hot as you can tolerate. Just be careful not to burn your hands.

Using New Nail Polish


Another way that you can use to peel off nail polish is applying new nail polish. You will need to select another nail polish that is not going to dry up quickly to soften the old polish and allow it to be wiped off quickly. For effective results, you will need to avoid sprays, dry nail polishes and drops that will cause your nails to become dry much faster.

Apply the polish to one nail at a time. You do not need to take a lot of time to apply the polish as you normally would because you are going to wipe it off momentarily. Just make sure the new polish does not dry on your fingers because it will make the old polish even more difficult to remove. It is recommended to use paper towels and not cotton balls when wiping off the nail polish. This is because the cotton balls can easily break apart and stick on the wet polish. For the best effect, you may need to apply some force when wiping off the nail polish.

It will be up to you to choose a method that you are more comfortable with to peel off nail polish. If time is of essence, using nail polish remover will be the best method. But if you are not in a hurry, you can try the home remedies or use new nail polish and save some money.