The Latest Shellac Nail Designs


In the beauty industry the competition for what product offers maximum satisfaction is huge. Every nail salon will have their own preference of which is the best product available and which product gives the best value for your money. You could speak to many different nail experts from the same area and generally they’ll all have a different opinion. That’s until Shellac emerged!! After several years of research, manufacturing and rigorous testing procedures in some of the best laboratories in the world, CND Shellac was finally here.

The polish everyone had been crying for, for so long. How many times have you felt upset after realizing that your nails were scratched or chipped after only a few days of normal wear and tear? Rectifying those problems will take a lot of your time and cash. With Shellac nail designs, the chipping and scratching of nails have been eliminated for good. Isn’t that great?


Wide Range of Styles

Some of the most popular nail designs are hearts, flowers, and multicolor nails. But, today women are becoming even more demanding and want different Shellac nail designs that are original. For instance, during Christmas some women get blue painted nails with stars, moon or the Christmas tree. Others will enjoy creative designs for March Madness and their favorite basketball team, and the choice is endless.

Whatever your own personal style, a look will be created to suit. Whether it is to match a particular outfit, an occasion or even mood, this is done just in a day now that your local nail salon is armed with Shellac. The only problem you might have is if your outfit on the second week will co-ordinate with your original choice, but that is a small price to pay for fantastic looking nails.


Aquarium nail art

Aquarium configuration is usually performed on fake nails. Acrylic shades are used to create a personalized picture which is then reinforced by dried blossoms, spangles, glues or foil. Thereafter, the acrylic covering is applied on the nail. This makes the impact of a three-dimensional curved glass, and all the contents might be seen as though under aquarium glass.

3D nail art

This unique style is performed by skilled nail technicians using diverse materials: color acrylics, cyanoacrylic paste and extraordinary gels. The fingernail expert makes innovative 3D Shellac nail designs of animals, birds, leaves, blooms, and so forth.

Photographic nail art

Photograph design is another pattern in nail outlines that’s getting popular today. It involves utilization of nail printers that can create different pictures or photographs on your nails. The printers can also apply many colors making intricate designs.

Stimulating wave nail design


An electrifying wave pattern can be made using an airbrush and a good template of the form of the wave. Your nail will look different and others are sure to be awed as well.

How Do I Identify the Best Shellac Services?

Every nail system is engineered as that – a system of products that work together to deliver best results. CND Shellac is a great example, and for a full service the nail technician must be using the CND ScrubFresh, CND Shellac Base Coat, CND Shellac Top Coat, CND Shellac Color Coat and CND UV Lamp.

ScrubFresh is a blue liquid that’s used to clean the surface of the nail before the Base Coat is applied. This is the only preparatory product that should be used after the cuticle work has been done. A skilled nail technician should never file the nail plate but only the free edge to shape the nail.

How do I Maintain My Shellac Nails?

CND Shellac is a great product that lasts longer on your nails without showing any signs of peeling or chipping. While many people describe it as a protective shield for your nails it’s important to know that it isn’t indestructible! After that manicure appointment you need to look after your super shiny nails.

Use CND SolarOil


Shellac doesn’t leave you with damaged or dehydrated nails, but it’s advisable that you use a standard nail and cuticle oil daily to help nourish and protect your natural nails. The CND SolarOil is the best nourish option to use since it contains very light synergistic mixture of oils that can be easily absorbed into the skin. SolarOil also absorbs easily into the Shellac to help nourish the nail plate. If you’ve brittle or dry nails, apply the oil at least twice daily.

Wear Gloves

Remember to wear appropriate gloves when gardening, washing dishes, household cleaning or any other work that’s hard on your hands or nails. If whatever you’re doing causes the Shellac to lift please stop immediately as this will cause the damage to worsen and could also damage the natural nail. The best thing to do is take a photo of your damaged Shellac and send it to your nail technician for advice.

Avoid Certain Chemicals

You also need to understand the effects of chemicals on your Shellac nail designs. After going on holiday some clients will complain the polish has ‘melted’ on their nails. This is normally caused by the sunscreen they’re using. Excessive amounts of lotions, sun creams and sprays can contain acetone – the number one remover of Shellac polish. The same effect can be seen with chemicals used to spray insects. After using such products ensure that you thoroughly wash and dry your hands. Chlorinated water can slightly bleach some nail colors, so again after wash and dry your hands after swimming.


With some degree of care and attention you’ll most likely find that Shellac can stay on your nails for more than the advertised two weeks, with thousands and thousands of clients having it reapplied not because it is chipped but because the nail has started to grow out. The best part is that if you get bored of your Shellac nail polish, you can swiftly remove it at home yourself. All you have to do is apply some acetone to your nails and wipe off. Simple! In addition to this, there are lots of colors to choose from so you can never get bored.