The Best Anti Aging Face Cream: Does It Actually Work?

83Each and every one of us would like to lay our hands on the some sort of anti aging cream. After all, we wish to retain our youthful look, and an effective anti-aging cream is capable of realizing that dream. Nonetheless, in order to choose the best cream, you need to first understand the basics while selecting a suitable product before finalizing one to compliment your daily skincare regime.

When you choose the best age defying skin care product, not only do you remain youthful, you also motivate others to take care of their skin. It is advised that you consult your dermatologist prior to making a final selection if you have a history of skin ailments.

Tips to Choose the Best Face Cream in 2017:

1) The Perfect Sun Screen -The first product that needs to be included in your anti-aging kit is a suitable sunscreen. If you expose your skin to the sun’s harsh ray for a prolonged time period, it tends to age faster. Your chosen sun screen should have an SPF factor of 15 or above. It would be a great idea to use a sunscreen that has moisturizing content. Your chosen product should be UVA and UVB resistant and it should be sweat-proof (water resistant). If you stay in an area where the sun is harsh throughout the year, opt for a SPF 30 sun-screen.

2) The Perfect Moisturizing Cream – The second step is to pick a suitable moisturizing cream that compliments your skin type. Here are some tips:
>>> A non-comedogenic cream works best for oily skin, as it does not clog the pores.
>>> An oil based moisturizing cream is best suited for people with dry facial skin.
>>> A water based moisturizing cream is best suited for people with combination skin.
>>> A moisturizing cream devoid of chemicals and irritants such as dye, acids and perfume are best suited for people with a sensitive skin. Choose creams with soothing agents such as aloe vera and turmeric.
>>> When you have crossed the 40+ age, opt for oil based moisturizing creams, regardless of your skin type.
>>> Opt for a moisturizing cream that has a built-in SPF protecting screen (preferably SPF 15 and higher).
3) The Perfect Sunless Tanner – If you like to avoid the sun and use a sunless tanner instead, you may be saving your skin from the sun’s harsh ultra violet ray but even tanner beds have the tendency to speed-up your skin’s natural aging process. This is why it is highly recommended that you include a sunless tanner in your anti-aging kit. Here are some pointers while doing so:
>>> Avoid mousses and instead, stick with a gel based sunless tanner. Even a gel based cream would do.
>>> A cream with a lighter shade is preferred over a cream with a darker shade. It would be impossible to remove the extra darkness in the case of over-tanning.
>>> Begin the application using a small quantity before applying more.
>>> Avoid applying over the lips, nose and around the eyes.

4) The Perfect Cleanser – Use a mild cleanser to remove impurities from your face before retiring to bed. Check the label before purchasing a cream. For example, pick an anti-acne cleanser if you have acne prone skin. Cleansers are better for your facial skin and they are less harsh than soaps. You would find cleansers according to your skin type. So, always check the label before finalizing your cleanser.

5) The Perfect Anti Aging Cream Ingredient Checklist:
>>> The Antioxidant Check – First and foremost, select an anti aging cream that is fortified with vital antioxidants. Some of the common antioxidants include Vitamin E, C and B3. Such creams have the ability to remove harmful free radials from the skin’s surface. They are easily absorbed in the skin and avoid giving you that ‘oily look’.
>>> The Vitamin A Checklist – The production of collagen fibers on the surface of your skin is directly linked with the amount of Vitamin A that you skin is absorbing. So, while selecting the right anti aging face cream, make sure that it has adequate quantities of Vitamin A as well. Not only would that increase collagen production, Vitamin A fortified creams also remove free radicals from your facial skin. shutterstock_593456672
>>> The Coenzyme Q10 Check List – Coenzyme Q10 is an ingredient used in several top rated anti aging face creams. It helps reduce the production of wrinkles. At the same time, this enzyme has the ability to safeguard your facial skin against the harsh infra red rays of the sun.

>>> The Oligopeptides and Polypeptides Checklist – In order to increase the production of elastin or natural skin peptides, you should include face creams that contain Oligopeptides and Polypeptides. This would ensure that the elasticity of your skin remains intact. Your facial wrinkles shall also reduce considerably.

>>> The Extract Checklist – The most common extracts found in anti aging skin creams include green tea extracts and grape seed extracts. They work as natural anti-inflammatory agents. These extracts also help your skin recover from superficial injuries at warp speed.

6) How to Pick the Most Apt Anti Aging Cream for Yourself:

>>> Stick to One Brand – While it is a good practice to try different brands and creams with diverse ingredient, in order to get the best results, stick to one brand. If you change your face cream way too often, you would end up irritating your skin, as the fresh ingredient list of a new cream clashes with the ingredients present in the old one. Hence, stick to one brand which has a set of ingredients that suits your skin type.
>>> The Testing Phase – If you are new to using an anti aging face cream, you should indulge in a patch test before finalizing your product. Place a small amount of your chosen cream on the lower neck area and leave it for a day. Thereafter, check that area for any signs of irritation, redness or rash. If all is well, go ahead and apply the cream onto your face.

>>> The Pricing Factor – The biggest misconception that people face is regarding the pricing of a cream. If a cream is expensive, it is supposed to be good and vice versa. This is not at all true. Always apply the cream, check its ingredient list and ascertain how it affects your skin. Sometimes, inexpensive skin creams are as good as expensive ones. You would be surprised to find that both these varieties may have the same ingredients.

>>> The Professional Element – Last but not the least, always seek the advice of a skin specialist to help you pick a suitable face cream (especially if you suffer from a skin ailment). A dermatologist has the required knowledge to guide you in your quest to choose the anti aging face cream for you.