How To Choose The Best Dry Skin Lotion

71Taking good care of dry skin can prove to be problematic, especially if you need to keep it moisturized during the chilly winter season. The dryness in the air saps the moisture from your already dry facial skin, making it crack and peel-off from all angles. This is when you need to quit applying truck-loads of greasy moisturizers or oily lotions and opt for a suitable skin care regime. You need to identify the root cause for your dry skin, its severity, and the best time to apply the correct moisturizer. In order to select the best dry skin lotion, you need to first scrutinize its ingredient list.

Steps to Choose the Best Lotion:

1) Identify Your Skin Type:

It is important to know your skin type as different kinds of skins respond to different skin care products. For example, if you have an oily skin type, you need to first clean the excessive oil using a face wash and then apply a mild moisturizer. If you apply a strong moisturizer, it may result in the formation of acne. The face as well as the scalp region has a different skin type compared to the remainder of the human body. In case you have a dry skin type, you need to apply a heavy moisturizing lotion to keep it moisturized. Oil based or a petroleum based cream is best suited for such skin types.

If you have sensitive skin that is prone to rashes or redness, you need to opt for a moisturizing lotion that contains turmeric, aloe vera or chamomile. Never apply products that use heavy scents or dyes. Regardless of your skin type, if you are in your mid forties, then you need to use an oil based moisturizing cream. This is because as you grow older, your body tends to produce less oil.

2) Identify Your Skin Problem:

Sometimes, your dead skin is a resultant of an underlying ailment that needs to be identified. You may want to pay a visit to a dermatologist to identify the root cause behind your dry skin condition. For example, if you have psoriasis, your skin would peel off and it might even feel itchy. This is also true if you suffer from eczema. Excessive sun exposure may be the root cause for your dry skin.

3) Seek the Advice of a Dermatologist:

You can seek the help of a dermatologist, a general physician or even a salesman working at a skin care store to help you select a suitable face cream or body lotion. In case you have a combination skin types, wherein certain parts of your face are oily and others relatively dry, you should seek professional help while selecting a suitable cream.

4) Check the Label of the Moisturizer:

For dry skin, you need to pick an oil based moisturizer. These are also termed as heavy moisturizers that contain petrolatum, antioxidants, grape seed oil and dimethicone. These active ingredients prevent moisture from seeping out of your skin thereby reducing dryness. In case you have oily facial skin but dry body skin, you should use both oil based and water based moisturizers. Apply water based moisturizer onto your face and use the oil based moisturizer on your body. Make sure to read the label before applying the cream on your face – it needs to be clearly mentioned that the cream is ‘oil free’ in the label.

Any moisturizing product that contains retinol has a drying effect on the skin. So, if you suffer from excessively dry skin, do not use such products. If you are set on using retinol based products, simply apply them as a first layer underneath a suitable moisturizing cream. It is always a good idea to try different brands of moisturizers before finalizing the one that suits your skin the most. Buy small sachets of various dry skin brands of lotion to save on cost and pick the best one. As mentioned above, exposure to the sun is one of the major reasons your skin tends to become dry. So, it is a good idea to purchase a cream that is inclusive of sunscreen.

5) The Application Process:

Selecting the the most suitable moisturizing cream or lotion for your dry skin is as important as its correct application. Here are some tips for those who have dry skin:
When you finish taking a shower, you unknowingly remove vital oils from the skin’s surface. This also makes your skin dry. In order to replenish the lost oils, apply a suitable amount of moisturizer on your skin. The application should focus on your face, knees, elbows and your arms. Try and avoid using sticky lotions for the skin and use creams that contain shea butter or olive oil instead.

 While there is no fixed duration pertaining to the application process, you need to ensure that you apply moisturizer once after taking a shower in the morning and once before retiring to bed. Nonetheless, if you are an active individual, you may apply a dry skin cream after your ‘workout shower’ or each time after you wash your hands with soap water. In the cold weather season, the application process simply doubles as your skin tends to dry rather quickly.

 While applying skin creams meant for dry skin, you need to avoid using oil based cream on your face as it tends to make your face extremely greasy. The excessive oil that these creams produce may cause an acne breakout (even though you have dry facial skin). Nonetheless, if you have extremely dry facial skin, you may apply relatively small quantities of an oil-based moisturizer on your face as well.



Dryness of the skin is also termed as xeroderma. There could be several reasons that cause skin dryness. Some of the common ones include side effects of certain medications, exposure to the sun, low humidity levels and lack of essential vitamins in the body. With the help of the best lotions, you can easily hope to replenish the lost moisture and keep your skin looking fresh as a lily.